All good things must come to an end

The old Epic Labs is no more.

Epic Labs still exists as a company, and we still do a few things for some clients we’ve worked with for a long time; but we are not taking any new ones. We also hang out together, and on ocassion hack together as well. We just didn’t quite feel like running as an agency anymore.

We continue to host a ton of websites, and we may be doing some things in that space in the near future. But if you are looking for a web shop, there are a lot of good ones out there. If you aren’t sure which one is good, send us an email and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Where are they now?

In case you are wondering where the hell we’ve gone to, here are some of the people that were a part of this adventure, and what they are up to in early 2015:

Jason & Nic went to work for 352 inc., Jessica still writes (and also works with some really crazy people), Mo joined forces with our friends at Nine Labs, and so has Courtney, Josh C. develops at Kickserv, Josh S. is hatching something new, John rocks R&D at Salesforce, and Abby pretty much owns Mailchimp.

So many more awesome people that were part of this crazy ride we started in 2010. We love you all, and we will always have fond memories of our time together.

Are you gone, gone, for real gone?

Not at all. We are still here. Just not in the same way we used to be. We may come back doing something different in the future, but probably not as an agency.

So keep checking back, maybe some day you’ll find something different, right here.